Sports & Talent Development for Youth Economic Empowerment

We have partnered with other sports related organizations to identify and develop new and young sports talent in the communities. In conjunction with the Daniel Juma Foundation we have been regularly hosting sports tournaments within the communities in order to promote sports talent

Free Internet for Schools Initiative

We have partnered with Airtel Kenya to intall free internet to schools. Airtel’s internet for schools is positioned to go a long way in ensuring that students across the country attain the necessary skills for their respective ages. The programme has so far improved student engagement and made accessible the kind of knowledge that matches up to the Western world preparing them with the required knowledge and skills to survive in a world where information has become the new currency.

Dongruokdala Training Centre - Ugenya

We recently launched Dongruokdala Training Centre which offers free training to empower the unemployed youth in Ugenya Constituency to earn a living and become self sufficient. We rely on well wishers and donors to make this possible and we welcome donations of any amount

Dongruokdala Clean Cookstove Initiative

We run clean cookingstove initiative to share best practices of clean cooking and heating solutions in communities. We collaborate with practioners, technitians, policy makers, business vendors around to make this platform as intuitive and informative as possible. we also distribute clean cookingstoves to the needy members of the society

Ukwala Solar Street Lighting

We have connected solar power energy to the residents of Ukwala and gave free pressure lamps in order to assist in uplifting the livelihood of the people. Nonetheless, most students have benefited from this noble course through sponsorships to study in Korea.