DongruokDala | Lighting Up Villages

Dongruok Dala is an initiative inspired by the South Korean model of development called ‘SaemaulUndong’.  It entails organizing communities to realize communal driven development initiatives.

Our Programs

The principle of Dongruok Dala is to mobilize villagers through various programs to come together and work to achieve collective tasks for economic independence.
Dongruok Dala reached Kenya through our Patron; Mr. Daniel Juma Omondi. He visited South Korea and learned on their development programs which touched on improving the general livelihood of a greater number in the rural areas.
For a collective impact, Dongruok Dala is working closely with the County Government, registered groups and churches.

Youth & women empowerment

We Empower Youth partners with (youth) organizations, businesses, and project leaders to work toward achieving our goal of youth empowerment.

Promote sanitation

We work closely with schools and communities to promote sanitation, we have builttoilets to a number of schools.

Promote access to education

One of our key objectives is to promote access to education by everybody in the community regardless of their financial status.

Our Approach

We strive to increase employment and growth opportunities for young and talented youths by identifying and nurturing their talents and linkage to local and international opportunities.

Our Core Values

We believe in treating individuals and local communities’ matters as an active with respect and faith, dynamic and powerful agents for change and transformation.

Local initiatives, resources through creativity, innovation and our partner’s retention and resilient networks are key to development, social transformation and sustainability.

We believe educated individuals and communities lead to free, informed, and productive citizens, and ultimately to a peaceful and prosperous nation.

Dongruok Dala Formation?

In October 2015, Mr. Juma had the honor and pleasure of visiting South Korea with the former Prime Minister of Kenya the Right Hon. Raila Amollo Odinga. They were happy to learn about how Korea was and how it grew to what it is today. In fact 40 years ago, Korea was like Kenya in most aspects of operations. But today, they are miles apart. He promised the former Prime Minister that he would start a similar movement in Kenya starting with his homeland of Ugenya since Charity begins at Home. Mr. Juma lived up to his promise and started Dongruok Dala, a CBO which has spread to al,ost all the counties in Nyanza region<br>
Everyday, we strive to inspire youth to embrace life and to know that they have the power to achieve anything they put their minds to. We are also constantly working to not only empower women, the whole community through women